This is Halloween….

…Okay, I lied. Okay, I didn’t, but I misled. Sort of. I mean, obviously it *is* Halloween. But I was listening to The Blue Wrath (i.e. that “la la la laaaa” song from the beginning of Shaun of the Dead), not the Nightmare Before Christmas song, when I drew tonight’s final contribution to InkTober. That said, the cat is because I was watching Corpse Bride earlier, and was thinking of Nightmare Before Christmas and how there are always ghost-dogs but not so much ghost-cats. Of course, cats don’t really need to look any different to be mysterious….


Happy Halloween!

Song for the living….

Apparently this is the part of the semester where instructors are more likely to walk around and stare at what you’re doing, because another one came over and noticed my doodles. I did them before class technically started this time, so still no worries (not that it should really be a problem in any class but Spanish anyhow, since I’m actually doing well in all the others).

I’m not sure whether the “holy crap!” was for the skeleton, the scare(y)crow, or the cat-Cubone thing — or just the tone in general — but I’m going to consider it a compliment from her anyhow.


And my Pharaoh-hound Anubis with the necklace from before was kind of disappointing, so here’s more of a proper jackal, wearing nothing but a mischievous smile. Furthermore, since it’s kind of a theme at this point, this one’s for Sea Wolf’s “Song For the Dead,” which I’ve had for a while but which happens to come after Twin Skeleton’s Hotel and Emperor’s New Clothes on my Halloween playlist.


I posted this a bit too late, so I guess a Happy Halloween is in order as well! We’ll see if I manage to post the last one on time tomorrow, or if I’m too busy partying.

Har. I think I’ll be fine.

A new partner in crime….

Oh hey look, missed a bunch of days again. But, Halloween drawings!

Well, sort of. We have Anubis — an oddly benevolent-looking, half-finished Anubis whose ears were too long for the page, that is:


An overprotective mama bear (my instructor happened to walk past as I was finishing this and said, “Scary!” — fortunately I had already correctly diagrammed the sentences we were all supposed to be working on at the time)


A lizard who’s just a little grumpy, as lizards often seem to be:


And finally a gargoyle.


If you’ve gotten into the rhythm of things (oh man, inadvertently made a bad pun there), you’ll have guessed that this guy has something to do with a song of some kind. You’re right! I’ve been listening to my Halloween music all week, and while Anubis was just sort of a general result of having that on in the background, ol’ Gargoyle comes from a specific tune. Twin Skeleton’s Hotel (yeah, the apostrophe is supposed to be in there, I checked twice), which has nothing to do with gargoyles (arguably even less than Emperor’s New Clothes, which I drew a cat for). Sadly, I cannot help how my brain works. Even when my brain says “Okay, yes, you have this picture all scanned in, but now that you’re seeing it up close wouldn’t it be better if you raised that lower left lid a smidge and darkened the brows and made a little more contrast over here…?” Even if I go, SHUT UP BRAIN, THESE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THAT LABOR-INTENSIVE AND GARGOYLES DO NOT INHERENTLY LOOK LIKE FALLOUT BOY IN THE FIRST PLACE SO WHAT IS EVEN YOUR DEAL.

See why it takes me so long to post these?

Well, only a few days left and then it’s time for another NaNoWriMo. Now that should be interesting!

Finders, keepers….

Okay, first let’s get the past bajillion days or so out of the way; most of them (including my failed attempts to align eyes correctly without a reference) were crammed onto this one sheet of paper anyhow:

Inktober23(a little bonus linguistics homework in there — identifying different morphemes in Spanish words, and the due date for a quiz)

Oh, and then this smug little capercaillie-type dude yesterday:


And finally today, which is the result of my listening to “Emperor’s New Clothes” one too many times:


I mean really, this song is clearly written by a cat. “I am so much more than royal”; “If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine”? Those are two of the basic tenets of cat society. Also, that old-timey “Puttin’ on the Ritz”-type melody that pops up now and again reminds me of the Scissor Sisters’ “I Can’t Decide,” which is definitely a cat song.

Interestingly, as it approaches the three-minute mark the actual video for The Emperor’s New Clothes contains one of the few cases (and one of the even fewer post-1980’s cases) where I can actually say, “that is exactly what this person sounds like he thinks he looks like when he is singing that part of that song.” Honestly, add back the eyes and teeth from this cat, and it’s not too far off from the griffins I gave them back in August. Anyhow, props to whoever put that together, and I’m a little bit jealous that *my* job doesn’t require me to dance around screaming and wearing wings with dramatic mood-lighting on occasion. (Also, I feel like that makeup job would pair well with a whole slew of childhood Halloween costumes for one of those “expectation vs. reality” memes.)

Shade to black…

Oh hey, I forgot some days again!

Not so bad this time, though. We’ll build up to the most recent again, starting with Friday’s in-class masterpiece:

Inktober16My usual trick of slapping gecko markings on a dragon so I don’t have to think of new ones! To be fair, I was kind of busy learning about existential instantiation at the time.


On a similar theme, the most generic carnivore. Incidentally, all the markings here are basically triangles — “eyebrows,” “eyeliner,” shoulder patch, head stripe, nosey bits — despite being based on actual common markings for carnivorous mammals (feline, canine, vulpine, etc.).

Inktober18Finally, more generic-type markings, of the sparrow/thrush type this time. That’s not actually meant to be shading on the tail — it’s where this particular drawing came to a tragic and untimely end due to the death of my pen. Oh well, it kinda *looks* intentional, even if it did run out right before I was able to ink over that phantom “No” in the middle of the page. I think I was answering a question for Spanish, because the beginning of whatever the next word was going to be was either terrible penmanship or not English.

No wealth, no land, no silver, no gold….

I’m back, and more behind than ever! But midterms are over now, so maybe I’ll be a bit more timely again for a while.

Working back from today, we have:

Fossa vs. primate (no, I actually haven’t been watching Madagascar recently). The pencil fill is technically cheating, but I got bored after I finished the lemur. This one’s technically today and yesterday.


Next is … yeah, even I don’t know for sure what’s going on here. Another looong day of grammar.


And finally, the one today’s post is named for:

A raven trying to bribe Death with something shiny. It never works, but they always try….