Odyssey of a Homer


Well, the past week has been an interesting one. As I mentioned on my other blog, Shetland & Pony, a homing pigeon decided to take up residence on the balcony several days ago. When it became apparent that the bird wasn’t going home any time soon, it was trapped in a box and its owners contacted. They said to “let it go in a field,” which sounded like a terrible idea for a bird that got hoplessly lost for eight days running, but they were uninterested in offers to have the bird shipped back home. Not worth it for a homer that gets lost, I suppose.

A compromise was finally made, and Pigeon was given a headstart by being driven into a rural area much closer to his hometown than he had managed to travel on his own. I still wish he hadn’t been let loose at all, as his prospects from here are not good, but what’s done is done. Here are some quick portraits of Pigeon (sketched in a moving vehicle, with the subject sitting behind cloth mesh in the backseat — thus the level of quality and also the strange speckles in the lower picture).





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