Llama, llama …

Llama, llama ...

Today there was a petting zoo on Main street (because this town is just that awesome), and it included a mama llama and her half-grown little one — I think “cria” only applies to the babies, but if it were a horse I’d call it a yearling — as well as some chicks, ducklings, rabbits, goats and a pony. After begging a pencil off the day’s Bookmobile staff (who were lucky enough to be able to see the llamas out their air-conditioned windows, though one of them did get mauled adorably by a day-old duckling), I was all set for a little sketch session.

The little llama is the one that takes up most of the page; Mama Llama’s lovely lower teeth make a ghostly appearance below, because I never did get the hang of how to sketch on a piece of paper without making it look like one piece of the sketch is emerging awkwardly from an unrelated one drawn earlier.


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