Dishonor on your cow!

Dishonor on your cow!

Okay, that title isn’t particularly relevant except for the fact that I realized my little sea-dragon here is doing “that tongue thing” … aaand, the title quote is where that train of thought finally stopped.

Anyhow, I pulled out my old pad of giant sketch paper that I haven’t really touched since last Christmas (when I made 60 or so tiny animal drawings like this to give out to my co-workers), then grabbed the nearest decently-sharp pencil (which, judging from the colors used, has been sitting around since the ’90s) and got to work.

Some time between the foreleg fins and the dorsal spines/fin I decided he might as well be a water dragon, though there’s not much else to support that — you can’t really see the webbing on the forefeet, and I’d already finished the head by the time I got there (yes, I went left-to-right despite being a leftie, and regretted it almost instantly when it came time to shade … I need to work on planning these things better).

So, here’s a little dragon buddy. He’s smiling, and he appears to have a beak like a turtle’s rather than proper fangs, so if you avoid sudden movements it might be safe to pet him. That, or he’s trying to lure you in like an alligator snapper. Your call!


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