Froggy went a courtin’….

Froggy went a courtin'....

… and almost ended up smashed on a shoe. This is the little guy who surprised us on last week’s mulberrying trip. He is, as far as I can tell, a Cricket Frog, and not much bigger than a cricket in real life.

It took a ridiculous amount of shuffling, grabbing, poking, and awkward maneuvering to get one proper photograph of the little guy, so needless to say the drawing was done some time after the fact. I do love the way frogs’ skin feels when dry; it’s like the soft velvety throat-skin of a lizard, but all over. I was afraid to hold him too tightly lest I should squish him, and the others were (quite sensibly) hesitant to do so for fear he’d pee on them. It’s quite the effective defense method for frogs, to the point that even the remembered prospect of it can deter a mammal the size of a human from bothering them. Fortunately, all made it out of the experience unscathed.


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