The Griffin & the Minor Delay

In all the excitement yesterday (yes, there was excitement, some fun and some less-so), I clean forgot to put up my post and picture! That being the case, I believe I owe you two images under the unwritten conditions of the blog. One is actually a compilation of images, so to avoid overpaying you I have balanced it out with a second bad pun in addition to the usual title joke.

These are older drawings, but I’ve never looked at them all together like this. I had the idea for a cute little pet-gryphon, the sort you could keep at home and that would wear a little collar with a bell on. He went through many incarnations, starting out entirely wingless, and I had a devil of a time working out the facial markings (settling on a blend of owl and tabby cat, which worked better together than I’d expected), but once I decided he’d be adorable things were much easier.


The third image down on the right — the study of tooth and claw? Although I knew I wasn’t actually going to be showing the Gryphling’s teeth (and yes, I pulled the name “Gryphling” pretty much out of thin air just so I’d have something to call the thing), I knew he’d have some and tried to plan out the facial features accordingly. See, ever since the Skeksis in The Dark Crystal, I’ve been sort of in love with the idea of incorporating teeth in with a beak  (as well as the way it was done in that movie, giving just enough lip behind the curve of the beak to be able to conceal them or snarl). So, teeth it was.

My “final” version of the Gryphling turned out … well, interestingly. The eyes clearly did not work; I had to rearrange them midstream and couldn’t erase them properly, and ultimately ended up with a really unsettling facial expression. Attempts to draw a background for distraction were met with the usual realization that I am terrible at backgrounds and don’t particularly like drawing them either way. The beak and ball of yarn were great fun, though — it’s just a pity I never did end up getting to draw a proper bell on the collar!



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