Gotta sketch ’em all….

Gotta sketch 'em all....

Well, this is the first week of classes so unfortunately I’m not very productive. As filler of sorts, I offer these doodles of two Teddiursa, a Pikachu, a Ninetales, a Bulbasaur, what appears to be the ghost of a Skitty, and what will soon be a rampaging mama Ursaring. In case you can’t read that, the uppermost Teddiursa is saying, “braaaaains.”

Yep, I’m one of *those* folks. The first Teddiursa isn’t mine, though. I’m shamelessly posting someone else’s art with that one, though he won’t care. It was a little shifty around the edges and he gave up on it and handed the paper over to me (that’s how it always ends up, anyhow; I’m a shameless paper-thief), and this is the unholy result. I added some word balloons to explain the inexplicable events on the page, and I guess I started the Skitty and then got distracted by the eight-year-old throwing dice around helter-skelter in her own private, exclusively-dice-based version of a board game. She definitely has the right idea. I mean, isn’t rolling the dice the most fun part?

Post-post commentary: I love how the “related content” WP has found for me is:  All of the Pokemon names except the one I used most, plus “word balloons.” How does this system work anyhow?


Pony club…

Pony club...

Not much of a drawing today, just a scribble really — this week’s trip to the farm was heavier on photographs than sketching (though I did get to sit in the middle of the pasture and draw the horses as they walked up; does it get better than that?).

I hadn’t visited in ages, so there were a lot of new horsey faces, including an adorable little pony who reminded me of Merrylegs from Black Beauty. In fact, I might have more on that later if I’m able to properly deliver my video clip from that day to the farm owner — three of the ponies were frolicking around in a way you’d swear was choreographed, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment. I’d love for her to be able to incorporate it into her farm’s web site.

Anyhow, here are a few of my old buddies from years past who remained lovably unchanged during my visit. Goofy, Roman-nosed Snickers with the mulish ears and the one lock of mane that always goes the “wrong” direction over his shoulder; stocky stallion Samson who is absolutely gorgeous and has never doubted the fact; and sweet stubborn Cinnamon, who was either born with the permanent expression of a concerned mamma or earned it over years of watching her babies (Snickers is one of them).

I notice now that I missed Snicky’s white socks, probably because I was scribbling black over his hind feet to hide some artistic mishaps. I doubt he’ll hold it against me, so long as he has a sunny pasture to stand in.

They call it DID these days….

…but the basic truth is, my blog has a split personality.

The one that goes to parties and social functions (i.e. the one whose “primary” radio button is selected here in WordPressland) is Shetland + Pony . The one that sits in the dark watching TV and scribbling on the furniture would be yours truly, Drawn @ Random. Since both are fundamental parts of my WordPress self, I figured I might as well at least make it decently simple to navigate to one from the other (oddly, this has chiefly been a complaint raised by myself, as I do not seem to know how to switch back and forth without periodically posting in the wrong blog. This produces an odd, if ephemeral, effect, or at least it would if the thousands of devoted fans I fondly picture were in fact watching my blog’s every move 24/7).

To make a long story short (which is a ridiculous assertion at this point, since it’s actually a one-sentence statement that I’ve already inflated into two paragraphs and several parentheticals): There is now a Blogroll list consisting of a single link on my navigation sidebar; enjoy!

The other reindeer….

Okay, today’s Finished Product isn’t actually finished yet, and it’s not even a proper pen/cil-and-paper drawing. Shame! But the “drafts” follow my unwritten rules, so at least I’m not wandering too far off the path here.

Basically, it went this way:

Me: [tries to think of some fun combo-animal to draw, fails. Decides to ask someone else instead] HEY, HEY. Name two animals.

Her: Um … a duck and a dolphin.

Me: Hm. Okay, I can do that … let’s see, duck and a dolphin … [draws for four seconds]. Wait. No. That won’t work, choose two more.

Her: What? Why.

Me: It’s a penguin.

Her: What?

Me: You gave me a penguin. A duck and a dolphin,  that ends up being a penguin.

Her: …Okay. A deer and a walrus.

Me: No, that’s a musk deer.

Her: A what?

Me: Nevermind, pick two more. They don’t have to be similar or plausible or anything, just pick two.

Her: Well now the only ones I can think of are a reindeer and a trout. [laughs nervously]

Me: Hm … A reindeer trout! Perfect! And it’s basically a hippocamp, so it shouldn’t be too hard … [wanders off muttering crazily and looking for paper]

So, the results of that rather strange request are reproduced for your viewing pleasure below:



Ignore all those little stray boxes, my scratch paper is reject pages from Ants Are Stupid. (Long story.)

And, a grainy peek at the not-actually-finished product, drawn in PSE and still comprised of many, many layers:


I couldn’t resist giving him coral antlers; they work so well with the pink markings of the rainbow trout, after all, and they add a watery touch to the otherwise stubbornly-mammalian reindeer half.

Fire cannot kill a dragon…

Fire cannot kill a dragon...

…but an elderly buttonmaking machine whose design elements are suspiciously suggestive of the 1970s can. The plastic hood that, if the warning label is to be believed, would have caused some horrible and warranty-voiding malfunction were it lifted under the wrong circumstances, had lost some bits during the storage process and no longer wanted to close under *any* circumstances.

The past night was our yearly lock-in party for the library’s youth volunteers, and we managed to hold aforementioned machine’s flimsy plastic hood on well enough that the kids were able to use it with my supervision. Yet somehow, once it came my turn to have some fun and make my own button, I managed to gum the thing up completely mid-button (that would be the dragon on the left).

Someone who’d been babysitting the old buttomaker longer than I have went to get our box-of-knives (everyone looks at me funny when I say that — it’s the circulation department’s little box of assorted scrapers, blades, and yes, knives, that we use for gooey, gummy, lumpy and otherwise recalcitrant objects that come through) and had the thing patched together again in short order. It was too late for my little Sharpie dragon by then, since he’d already been chopped, scrunched, and squished a bit too much around the edges, but I cobbled together a quick griffin with the wrong colors (keep in mind: We were all working by the glow of the security lights, and those blasted yellow markers always have another, darker color stained on the tip for the first few strokes) and started over. The button-izing part of the process worked out quite a lot better, and so now I have a griffin pin to … well, keep the poor crippled dragon company, I suppose.