They call it DID these days….

…but the basic truth is, my blog has a split personality.

The one that goes to parties and social functions (i.e. the one whose “primary” radio button is selected here in WordPressland) is Shetland + Pony . The one that sits in the dark watching TV and scribbling on the furniture would be yours truly, Drawn @ Random. Since both are fundamental parts of my WordPress self, I figured I might as well at least make it decently simple to navigate to one from the other (oddly, this has chiefly been a complaint raised by myself, as I do not seem to know how to switch back and forth without periodically posting in the wrong blog. This produces an odd, if ephemeral, effect, or at least it would if the thousands of devoted fans I fondly picture were in fact watching my blog’s every move 24/7).

To make a long story short (which is a ridiculous assertion at this point, since it’s actually a one-sentence statement that I’ve already inflated into two paragraphs and several parentheticals): There is now a Blogroll list consisting of a single link on my navigation sidebar; enjoy!


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