Pony club…

Pony club...

Not much of a drawing today, just a scribble really — this week’s trip to the farm was heavier on photographs than sketching (though I did get to sit in the middle of the pasture and draw the horses as they walked up; does it get better than that?).

I hadn’t visited in ages, so there were a lot of new horsey faces, including an adorable little pony who reminded me of Merrylegs from Black Beauty. In fact, I might have more on that later if I’m able to properly deliver my video clip from that day to the farm owner — three of the ponies were frolicking around in a way you’d swear was choreographed, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment. I’d love for her to be able to incorporate it into her farm’s web site.

Anyhow, here are a few of my old buddies from years past who remained lovably unchanged during my visit. Goofy, Roman-nosed Snickers with the mulish ears and the one lock of mane that always goes the “wrong” direction over his shoulder; stocky stallion Samson who is absolutely gorgeous and has never doubted the fact; and sweet stubborn Cinnamon, who was either born with the permanent expression of a concerned mamma or earned it over years of watching her babies (Snickers is one of them).

I notice now that I missed Snicky’s white socks, probably because I was scribbling black over his hind feet to hide some artistic mishaps. I doubt he’ll hold it against me, so long as he has a sunny pasture to stand in.


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