Gotta sketch ’em all….

Gotta sketch 'em all....

Well, this is the first week of classes so unfortunately I’m not very productive. As filler of sorts, I offer these doodles of two Teddiursa, a Pikachu, a Ninetales, a Bulbasaur, what appears to be the ghost of a Skitty, and what will soon be a rampaging mama Ursaring. In case you can’t read that, the uppermost Teddiursa is saying, “braaaaains.”

Yep, I’m one of *those* folks. The first Teddiursa isn’t mine, though. I’m shamelessly posting someone else’s art with that one, though he won’t care. It was a little shifty around the edges and he gave up on it and handed the paper over to me (that’s how it always ends up, anyhow; I’m a shameless paper-thief), and this is the unholy result. I added some word balloons to explain the inexplicable events on the page, and I guess I started the Skitty and then got distracted by the eight-year-old throwing dice around helter-skelter in her own private, exclusively-dice-based version of a board game. She definitely has the right idea. I mean, isn’t rolling the dice the most fun part?

Post-post commentary: I love how the “related content” WP has found for me is:  All of the Pokemon names except the one I used most, plus “word balloons.” How does this system work anyhow?


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