It’s In The Bag


Actually, I lied to you right off the bat. It’s on the bag, not in it. With “it” referring to the week’s drawing, that is. This is another golden oldie, a bag I just went crazy with Sharpie on. I guess that makes it a second No Erasing Allowed (a little exercise I do on my page to stave off CTRL+Z addiction), for the week; it also makes me miss this bag, as I feared for its washability and retired it once it began to get grimy.

Funny thing about the drawings is, they’re not technically originals despite having been pretty much drawn freehand on the bag. They’re hand-picked from even older ink and pencil sketches of mine. Back in the day, me mom wanted to make a bag with the drawings, but had no good way to transfer them faithfully. She tried copying them herself, but I rejected this method almost instantly and claimed the Sharpie for my own.

I didn’t do too bad a job, if I say so myself — mainly because these are my own personal ridiculous mind-monsters, and I could draw them with my eyes closed anyhow. Some of them I may have — I periodically go through an “OMG WHAT IF I WENT BLIND” phase and try to see how well I can draw without looking. It generally does not bode well for my abilities should that become necessary, but I suppose there’s always sculpture.


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