I’m late I’m late I’m late…


Yep, this is yesterday’s post. Be a lamb and pretend it showed up yesterday, ‘kay? I had a ton of schoolwork, and — okay fine, I was playing with my animation software I ADMIT IT.
The observant and/or not-blind of you may notice that today’s picture is in fact the same goose that has been my profile image since I started this blog. Therefore, I’m not even going to try passing it off as new material. But you were wondering what the rest of goosie gander looked like, right? Right?
Well, either way, it’s finally autumn here and raindrops are finally falling; we’re much less perplexed about it than goosie. The first person to look at this drawing, by the way, asked “why does the goose have scales?” I maintain that it is some rare variety of laced-feathered breed of goose. Without a tail. I should probably get more sleep.


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