Sick Day….

I know this looks suspicious, two weeks in a row, but this time it’s different — yes, this time I don’t have any picture at all for you, not even a lame attempt at filler. Whatever is “going around” this week is rather unpleasant; at least it’s not stomach-related, small mercy, but it does involve rendering pretty much the entire middle of the face (the area I seem to recall having contained a nose and some similar structures) completely useless, as well as making one’s voice — previously a reliable form of communication — a source of entertainment for others, at best.

One would think this would result in more drawing, not less, as the other senses have been rendered fairly useless, but that would bring me to the eyes, which function well enough on their own, but don’t feel entirely connected to the brain-part of the head that would normally tell me, oh, where to put lines and things rather than creating a giant black scribble of despair.

As you may have noticed by now, even my typing skills, relying though they may on non-face-related body parts such as the fingers, have fallen a bit into shambles this week. No worries, though; I’ve an entire week (well, rather less than that now that I’ve waited so long to type this) to drain the empty spots in my skull of unnecessary fluids and to patch my larynx back into something resembling a human vocal apparatus again. Until then, I’ve discovered instant cocoa with rainbow-colored mini marshmallows; while not strictly the best choice nutritionally, it is working wonders for morale.

Well, until then,

–The Artist


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