Just like old times ….

Just like old times ....

… or prehistoric times, rather.
I don’t know why I keep winding up with griffins, but I guess I should just accept it. Seventy percent or so of the time, this is the Variety Griffins blog. Today I was thinking of what the oldest griffin might look like — you know, the ancient ancestral type that might figure in the griffins’ own history/mythology. I wound up with the sort of archaeopteryx/sabertooth fella we see here; he’s a bit wispy around the edges since I didn’t have an eraser, but he worked out better than I’d expected after realizing that the only pencil I could get to was a no. 2 2/4 (because apparently calling it 2 1/2 would be too predictable?) pencil that apparently hails from a census conducted a year before I was born. Nevertheless, here he is, for better or worse. He appears to have just one wing, but I assure you that is only because I am too lazy/nervous to go to the risk of adding a background element I forgot to sketch in in the first place. On an unrelated note, I seem oddly fond of forward-slashes today.


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