Well, I missed my deadline again. Today I’ve chosen to blame SNL, which aired half an hour late and entirely muddled my nighttime schedule. I elect not to blame my failed attempts at beating the Tower Tycoon in Diamond.

As something of an apology, I provide my Halloween-colored buddy from many years past (yes, more old drawings — but I’d be here even later if I’d waited to finish something like *this* for my post). If you can’t tell, it’s a monarch butterfly-themed dragon/wyvern, hanging for dear life to a rather put-upon looking purple blossom. He (on the equivalent of the hindwing — his tail — I appear to have included that little spot that distinguishes the monarch genders) is one of a series of bug-themed dragons, and one of the few fairly full-sized critters I actually bothered to color fully *and* give a piece of scenery to save him from floating around in a paper void.

Anyhow, for better or worse, sooner or later, here we are again. Hope your autumn has been free of freak tornadoes and snowstorms (e.g., not in the Midwest) so far.


9 thoughts on “Firebug….

    • Thanks! Ooh, that’s a tough call though … it was at least four years ago, and I’m not sure how long it took. I’m pretty sure most of my little Prismacolor dragons took 1-2 days of off-and-on work. Any more than that, and I tend to lose interest in something and move on (I’m a doodler at heart).
      I *am* playing Pokemon Diamond, that one I can answer easily enough. I’m slowly working my way through the games that followed R/B/Y, and reminding myself of the price tag on the 3DS every time I hear the siren call of the new X/Y games. For some reason I’ve named all the Pokemon after Whedonverse characters this time around ….

      • When you say little…how little?

        You have little patience? An Aries, Gemini or Libra?

        I’ve spent at least a week on my better pieces. Sometimes the best comes from giving it more time to develop. Sometimes, I get too many ideas. But, quick jobs usually come with mistakes I look back at and say, “Oh, I could have fixed that.”

        I think I have only completed Blue and most of Yellow. I did not beat Red or Gold/Silver, yet. I have Crystal–I think–in storage, waiting for me to find a decent GB Advance. I am not too crazy about the 3DS.

        The last I played Pokemon, I named my creatures either with names I imagined giving fantasy creatures (or My Little Pony names, so to speak…like Windsong)…or I would use text codes that represented what the creature was (so I could identify them when I look at the list and only see the little “type” shapes). So, Raticate would be Ratjawbbl or something like that if I gave him a bubbleattack. And, if I gave Pikachu iron tail, he’d be Pikirontail.

      • By “little” I mean they don’t fill up an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper — the monarch is maybe 5 – 6 inches wide depending where you measure it. Most of my drawings are downright microscopic in comparison though, with the unicorn and a mongoose I may or may not have posted here being virtually the only finished and colored ones of comparable or greater size. Normally I just make five/ten-minute mini-sketches like the archaeogriffin and the water dragon.

        It’s funny, I’m pretty sure “descriptive” never really occurred to me, in all the times I restarted my little yellow GB and went on a new naming kick. I used up most of my supply of cutesy mythological names while playing through Red and Yellow (Nessie the Lapras, Baku the Drowsee, Kitsune the Ninetales, Thor the Zapdos, etc.), so then I started on TV shows.

        At this point I’m also through most of the Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Doctor Horrible names I can come up with, from Dru the Crobat to Moist the Quagsire and Kaylee the Clefable, so I guess I’ll have to branch out into Cabin in the Woods and Avengers now. Which puts “Thor” back on the table, I suppose….

      • Moist = Billy/Horrible’s friend in Doctor Horrible (his villainous superpower is being able to make things slightly damp). Kaylee Frye = Serenity’s mechanic on “Firefly”; she also likes strawberries and frilly pink dresses. Go figure.

      • What a disturbing name for a sidekick unless you were writing an erotica…Moist…(shivers).

        Ah, Kaylee the mechanic. It has been an eternity since I saw the show. I still have a crush on Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin:D

      • Neil Patrick Harris must just enjoy saying “Moist,” because there’s an episode of How I Met Your Mother where his character repeats it several times as well.

        Morena is lovely, and I appreciated their not going the traditional “spunky little blonde” route for the love interest. Poor Summer has a way of appearing in doomed series, it seems — she’s the sci-fi/fantasy version of Lizzy Caplan. :/

      • Yea, and now that you say it, I am not sure what I thought/think of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It had a good start/run. I am surprised I even watched it as religiously as I did because I anticipated it failing. It seemed too cheesy to have this “next generation” girl Terminator suddenly appear like so many franchises before it trying to recapture a new audience with an old gimmick. But, I started to like it and its reoccurring “baddies”. They just about got to the redhead being revealed as the liquid model villain…and–boom–canceled?

        Ah, Lizzy Caplan…now there’s another beauty:) Can’t speak of her acting talents much. I haven’t seen enough of her.

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