Shake it up baby…

Shake it up baby...

Here we have a baby snake with its very own rattle.
I … really have nothing more to say than that. I was sketching Burmese pythons for a different reason entirely, and then I decided to make one of them into a rattlesnake. With a bonnet, obviously. Because (aside from a rattler’s lack of rattle, of course) baby snakes really don’t look too different from grown-up snakes except for the size difference. Which is pretty cool, to be fair — I was always impressed by the fact that venomous snakes hatch out that way, ready to take out the first tasty or terrifying thing that scurries past. It shouldn’t have surprised me, I suppose, since baby snakes have to eat too; but to an altricial mammal like myself it remains impressive. After all the snake-hatin’ I’ve been seeing recently (Halloween brings that sort of thing out in people, I think), here’s sending out a little respect for the rattlers and all their kin, no strings attached.
Even if I did just dress one up in a bonnet….


3 thoughts on “Shake it up baby…

  1. I am not quite sure what you’re all trying to say…mainly because I’ve never seen the word “altricial” before:P

    But, cute baby snake doodle. So, why were you drawing Burmese pythons?

    Note: It’s also the Chinese year of the (water) snake.

    • “Altricial” describes animals like robins, humans, cats, etc. whose babies are basically helpless when they’re born/hatched and can’t really seek out food on their own. Not so for the snake!
      I was drawing pythons to illustrate a bad pun I thought of that uses the similarities between “burn” and “burm.” It’s … all downhill from there, really. I shouldn’t be allowed to make puns anymore.

      • Now, I am curious about/puzzled by your possible age…

        There’s a kids’ show called Peg + Cat that comes to mind when I read your quirky humor:P My family is known for making lots of corny puns. We should be in the popcorn business.

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