I know, I know, that’s not even sort of a thing. But I did my WriMo last year, when I didn’t have classes and papers and presentations and other distasteful write-y things. So this year I’m doing 50 pictures (with them being worth a thousand words and all that) . Except that’s really not impressive at all, because I draw lots of pictures; so I’m going with a theme. After a while, I got to thinking about reference images used for artwork. I know it takes a lot of skill to faithfully reproduce a source image without tracing, but I’m loath to use them myself; partly because most of my creatures are composites, and my reference pictures or objects sound more like descriptions from a Chinese folktale — the nostril of a caribou, the scales of a trout, the curve of a sea lion’s back, and so on. So, I decided, why not use household objects as entirely arbitrary “refs” this month?

And it was so. Thus far I’ve used a key, a perfume bottle, and one of those little squooshy earbud-covering thingies as my inspiration, and let my imagination go wild with the rest. Pretty much the only rule is that I can’t use any other references: If I realize halfway through that I don’t know what a ladybug’s wings look like under the elytra, I have to just do my best and hope that relatively few people go, “Oh, it has feathers!”

Today I present you with Key-Bird, whose face is shaped like a small key of indeterminate usage that was found in a disused desk drawer. Enjoy, if you so wish!


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