Faux amis…

Faux amis...

So, I’ve come to think of this month’s endeavor as my “FauxNaNo,” which is also not a thing but at least it’s straightforward. Above you will see the 13 “refs” I’ve used since last week’s post; feel free to gaze in horror and wonder what sort of junk-heap my living quarters must be if these are all common household objects. Honestly, I’m not sure where the rusty can opener is from….

Anyhow. Below, you will see the resulting drawings, in no particular order, and with far too bright a flash. Clearly, some are a little more-directly inspired by the objects than are others; with some there is no way to figure out the connection without a lot of pointing, gesturing, and moving the object about in the correct lighting.


In my defense, I will again remind the reader/viewer that I am not “allowed” to use anything but the reference object to figure out how my drawing should look. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the drawings don’t draw from other sources — they are all depictions of, or heavily based upon, animals that are somewhat familiar to me (a dog, goat, sheep, emu, ladybug, grasshopper, bushpig, crested gecko and tamandua, to name … well, most of them). I just can’t go back and double-check my memory to see whether, say, a sheep’s head is actually that big compared to its body. Also, I have found that erasing does not work well with this paper whether I want to or not, so I’ve resigned myself to embracing the NaNoWriMo spirit of “write now, revise later.” Gotta keep those vaguely-unsettling critters a-comin’!

Oh, and here’s a better pic of the two most recent … masterpieces?


Happy NaNo-ing!


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