Meeemmmmmmmory ….

Meeemmmmmmmory ....

That’s really the only way I could think of to indicate a single word out of context as a song lyric rather than, well, a single word out of context.
Although, quite honestly, it’s more appropriate to this post as a single word than as a song lyric, because — despite the feline — I’m actually bout to complain about how surprisingly frustrating it is to draw these little guys without being able to check what, say, a toad’s feet look like. Or how the heck a snow leopard’s face goes. It’s not as if I really have control over what random objects look like to me, so I can’t even choose imaginary animals or those whose conformation I’m most familiar with. The other day I cursed a paperclip for having the audacity to make me draw a cod. The two critters pictured above were inflicted on me by a round button and one half of a barrel clasp, respectively. Today I’m slaving away at a hopeless puffin and a wonky-looking hummingbird, and I can only wonder what new horrors will be devised for me tomorrow.

But on the bright side, I suppose I am more or less keeping up, at just over halfway through November and 26 of my 50 assigned drawings. It’s definitely ensuring I don’t forget what a perfectionist I am with things like this (even though I rarely achieve satisfactory levels of precision whether I have a “real” ref or not). It does give me a built-in excuse for when the pictures turn out particularly wacky, but after the first ten times or so it really starts sounding like I’m just making it up (disclaimer: I may be making some of it up. I don’t even know how bad/good I am at this stuff anymore). I’m hoping I’ll get something fun like a dragon or a unicorn soon, but it’s looking like I’m stuck with mundy critters for a while now. I’m not sure whether I had more trouble with a regular NaNoWriMo or this, though it definitely plays more to my strengths.

Ah well, it wouldn’t be very sporting if it were too simple. Wish me luck — and good luck with any other renditions of NaNoWriMo you might be working on!


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