No dice….

No dice....

Well, my Random Object the other day was a single die from some now-abandoned board game, and somehow I had the misfortune of winding up with a barn owl. I don’t really know what a barn owl looks like aside from generalities, despite having seen nearly all of Legend of the Guardians (which, mind you, is not Rise of the Guardians, that being part of a completely different children’s-book-series-with-movie combo resulting in no end of fun for library staff).

I ended up with a barn owl who is either very focused on the monstrosity below it, or very shy, along with a fuzzy sort of shadow due to my new pencil’s eraser being good chiefly for scraping layers of paper off and smushing them around. I honestly can’t say just what is going on there. The aforementioned monstrosity, which for once is a creature I can more or less freestyle on, is the result of staring for a long time at a small metal tripod. But trust me, you’ll be far more perplexed by what I ended up with for the paintbrush … suffice to say I didn’t know how to draw that one, either.

I do remain more or less on-target numbers-wise, though, through no particular industriousness of my own. Of course, if it were NaNoWriMo this would be when I’d start packing on the extra words to last me through Thanksgiving prep, but pictures aren’t so easy to jump ahead on. Here’s hoping I manage to get through the month without having to draw a turkey!


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