Long nights, impossible odds….

The final countdown...

I originally went with a Final Countdown reference, but it really isn’t a countdown. The end is not nigh, it is *here.* Of course, this title better describes an actual NaNoWriMo attempt rather than a bunch of drawings, which are best drawn when one is fully awake anyhow. Fifty is also a significantly lower number than 50,000, old sayings aside. But either way, it has been a bit of a long night and I did just do a lot of counting to confirm that I finally had my 50. And I do! I decided to end the month with a fairly ornate drawing, one of two that were loosely based on/inspired by the mythical Qilin. Of course, something went amiss in the neck area and he ended up with very confusing forequarters, but I have come to expect such things.

In the end, I wound up with 12 birds, 11 invertebrates, 6 herps, 3 unicorns (real and imagined), 3 fish, 3 felines, 2 canines and 2 anteaters. A sheep, a goat, a pig, a hedgehog, a rabbit, a hamster, a little fuzzy Totoro-type dude, and a dinosaur round out the group. They just barely fit on the dining-room table, if you were wondering.


This isn’t my most ambitious drawing endeavor, nor my nearest deadline (I drew more critters in less time for the sake of Christmas presents), but it’s definitely the only time in a long time that I’ve forced myself to draw from memory and imagination alone. I don’t know whether that’s helpful, harmful or entirely neutral, but either way I’m pretty sure I deserve a cookie now.

So do all of you brave NaNoWriMo folks, friends and family of mine among you, who finished or almost-finished or way-more-than-finished or just participated. Getting yourself to just *do* something every day, whether you meet a goal or not, is tougher than it sounds (especially for someone like me, who feels put-upon when the gecko insists on eating every few days). Happy November, happy belated Thanksgiving for those in the U.S., and happy December for those whose time zones decree it to be so. And most of all, goodnight! *zzzzzz*


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