Full circle…

Yep, you got me. That picture down there? Pretty much the same picture I used to start off the month. But don’t worry, it won’t happen again … often. Five times, tops. Approximately. Besides, you shouldn’t be reading ahead anyhow. It’ll ruin the flow.

Anyhow, this is my first of the 50 “Ref” drawings I made for November; a sort of wattle-y ratite-type bird, based on a small key that goes to something that is probably no longer in my possession. Having finished my 50 drawings, I now plan to pick about 30 of the least-problematic and flesh them out a bit over the next month. Ideally, I’ll be posting daily blogs instead of weekly, though on busy days they may be sparser than others.

It’s traditional for me to name my drawings, particularly the individual creatures, unless they’re assigned to specific people already. For this naming process, I chose to mimic the drawing process — no dictionaries or Google searches to find a fitting name or dig up a reference. In most cases these are pretty much the first or second name/word/sound that comes to mind. I am allowed to look up name meanings after they’re chosen, just in case I unintentionally wind up with something offensive and/or obscene and need to go with a new one.

I’m also giving them “profiles”; a quick little mini-bio for each critter. I anticipate this being easier for the less-realistic ones, just because of the way my brain operates, but as usual I figure I might as well have a challenge. So. Without further ado, I present:


Habitat: Tropical forest

Likes: Slugs, overripe fruit, rainstorms.

Dislikes: Rats, underripe fruit, snow.

Personal quote:¬†“Sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to step on you.”

Full circle...


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