Travelin’ at the speed of light….

Have I mentioned how ridiculous it is that I keep drawing things with feathers? I don’t even know what’s going on with the wing coverts — but then, for all we know maybe this isn’t even a bird at all. I mean, it *looks* sort of like I was going for a peregrine falcon, but it could actually be some exotic bird-like creature. Heck, it could be a DRAGON.

Okay, once again my commentary may be influenced by what’s on TV right now. It’s not my fault I missed the How to Train Your Dragon Christmas special the last two years….

In other news, WP tells me this is post #42 to this blog. I could change the title something reference-y in light of this new knowledge, but I’m afraid Freddie is going to have to trump Douglas today. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Name: Mercury
Habitat: Cliffs
Likes: Open skies, clear days, ducks
Dislikes: Storms, forests, bells
Personal Quote: “Too slow!”


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