Leave those poor spiders alone….

I haven’t watched any anime since From Up on Poppy Hill, but I can’t pretend this drawing doesn’t have a strong Totoro influence to it. But to be fair, look at that pencil sharpener. Just look at it. I know it’s difficult, since the contrast is all out of proportion here, but still — doesn’t it have the cutest little pencil-sharpener face? It’s like the opposite of the staple remover as far as blade-y office/art supplies go. I could have made it a bunny, I suppose, but it is too cute to be a common bunny.

Leave those poor spiders alone....

Name: Shiroi

Habitat: Under the bed

Likes: Peace, quiet, nighttime

Dislikes: Brooms, vacuum cleaners, cats

Personal Quote: “Oh, don’t mind me….”


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