You guys made me ink!

Okay, it’s more of a squidtopus than anything, I suppose. But the stubby little tentacles make me think of a flapjack octopus, so there you are.

Also, it’s bothering me much more than it should that large parts of my new word “squidtopus” are pretty much linguistically irrelevant, compared to the elegant straightforwardness of at least one of their forbears; “-to-” isn’t a number and “-pus” no longer has anything meaningful to modify it — squid-foot? It’s some sort of freak meta-onomatopoeic portmanteau, a garbled mimicry of  sounds associated with words associated with objects but with no regard for their individual meanings; heck, it’s almost as bad as “chocoholic”…


Here we come a-rambling. Apologies for that incoherent and oddly violent digression. I mean, I myself (as opposed to I, you? woops, digression again) don’t know where the word “squid” comes from, and half the time I can’t even sort out the different parts of speech. I just like long words. Here’s a squidtopus and a Christmas light to make it all better:



Name: Jules

Habitat: Under the sea

Likes: Mollusks, caves, sand

Dislikes: Eels, open water, nets

Personal Quote: “Now you see me….”


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