I may be ewe, I may be ram….

…and apparently Liam is a ram, or at least a wether, given his name. His lack of horns may have some connection to the fact that “his head is too big” (the first comment I got when I showed this one around to people; I realized around then that I probably shouldn’t show these to folks unless they were too far away to actually blurt out their first impressions). You know, that or the fact that I really don’t know how wool works and just slapped it on there in a way I hoped was convincing, if not precisely accurate. I’ll just blame cartoons for his puffy head, and for the fact that I drew sunglasses on the sun for an embarrassing amount of my childhood years, despite actively wondering why exactly the source of the light would need shades….

I had to cheat a bit here, since I apparently don’t have the magnolia pod anymore. It’s actually something of a relief, since it probably wouldn’t have fit on the paper anyhow. Fortunately I have an older photo from when I was still keeping track of these things.  Don’t worry, though, if you keep scrolling down past the crusty tree-bits you’ll get to the actual drawing part.


I may be ewe, I may be ram....

Name: Liam
Habitat: Meadows
Likes: Grass, hills, salt
Dislikes: Mud, caves, dogs
Personal Quote: “Stay where I can see you!”


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