The better to hear you with….

The better to hear you with....

I’m not sure what this guy is — Little Red Panda off to visit his grandma? A raccoon in panda’s clothing? An extremely hirsute Chihuahua? Also, am I the only person who will periodically type out “dlkjgf” or a similar string of convenient random letters for the sake of checking whether I’m typing in a form that doesn’t have spell-check or I just managed to spell that many dodgy words correctly in a row?

I mean, for the most part those squiggly red lines are the bane of my existence and I should just disable them; after all, half the words they underline are correctly spelled, they’re just the crazy names of family members or the species names of animals that apparently are not typed about often enough to warrant inclusion in my browser’s limited dictionary. I can’t even type about wyverns with confidence here. And yet … sometimes, particularly when typing quickly, we make mistakes. Little mistakes. Very little, but exquisitely stupid-looking mistakes, like swapping one of the t’s in “little” with the i, or leaving out the u in “stupid,” or accidentally inserting an e in “swapping.”

As you can see, I have perhaps more trouble with this than average. I’m something of a hasty typist (fine fine fine “typer” isn’t a word, I’m just going to concede on that one rather than claim the right of cutesy colloquialisms), and I’d rather make five mistakes and erase them on the fly than type a little more slowly and end up with zero mistakes in what is ultimately the same amount of time. This is true with my talking as well, where I’ll simply insert extra words while I think of other ones, rather than using pause fillers or — heaven forbid — actually pausing. It’s done wonders for my vocabulary, having to fill up every second of thinking time with random words, but it’s not great for my actual conversational skills. I’ve actually memorized two whole long-winded quotes about being long-winded, because I’m so long-winded that I find myself constantly referencing the fact. One is from Will & Grace and one is from Gilmore Girls, and believe you me I will recite them at any chance; but typing them out isn’t the same (though obviously I ramble just as much in this format), so you’ll have to survive without them tonight.

Oh, and this is an ink drawing on copy paper. I basically just needed a picture of something and this is what I ended up with. The proportions and perspective are quite odd, but given the overall quality expectations for something drawn on a sheet of used printer paper with winery advertisements that you can very nearly read through the other side, I figured that was acceptable.


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