His and hers….

His and hers....

Okay, I warned you the butterfly thing might not actually make it into this post. I ended up realizing I could do something even cooler with it, and then that sounded like a lot of work or a lot of orange pencil, depending on which option I went with. And then I thought of something even more fun that I wanted to do instead, with a lot more potential for pages and pages of trial drawings.

I’ll be honest here: I love doing the practice pages. I’m no Terryl Whitlatch, but I can’t resist an opportunity for creature research. I get to look at pictures (which I really missed in November, as you recall) AND I get to draw pictures, then go back and start all over again. Tomorrow I’m most likely going to have four — five? GIS tabs open; let’s see, we’ll need one for the gelada, baboon or some other maned monkey (maybe a cotton-top, those guys are amazing); a bovid and a cervid; probably a lion; something with cryptic coloration — oh and I’ll need males and females, so make that ~8 tabs.

This is going to be fun!


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