Dirty paws and furry coat….

Dirty paws and furry coat....

Draft #2! A bit different from the last one; the biggest changes are the male’s horns, which now curl like a ram’s to better match the female’s (intentional) and the fact that the male and female have swapped places on the page (completely unintentional, and something I didn’t even notice until comparing to last week’s post).
I’ve also decided that, despite the mane, the cat influence will mostly be tiger rather than lion, at least around the face. The mane will take more from the gelada, possibly down to the mane-less patch on the chest — we’ll see. I liked the way the tahr’s legs looked, with the different sections marked out in light and dark, so I borrowed that for the forelegs.

If you think all this information is a bit dull, you should see the sheets and sheets of paper I’ve covered in minute variations on horn curl, leg stripe, face pattern, and flank stripe. Of course, I actually enjoy doing that sort of thing, but it is a bit ridiculous-looking when you take a step back from it. It’s not like I have big plans for this drawing or anything, I just had the idea and I need to do something with it now. Next will probably be the color scheme, which is going to take forever because I can never settle on that sort of thing. Maybe I’ll color it digitally just so it isn’t so permanent … only time will tell!


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