Have you seen her all in gold…?

Have you seen her all in gold...?

So, this week was not a drawing week. At times it also wasn’t a “getting my blog posts done in time” week, and in several cases it wasn’t even a “being awake more than 12 hours at a time” week. Therefore, I’m only going to apologize slightly for the fact that this week’s picture barely has a drawing in it, and was taken with a wrinkled bedspread as a backdrop. I will also apologize for the sorry state of some of my dear little Prismas; it’s been a while since I used them, and longer since I replaced/sharpened some of the more popular colors.

Anyhow, I decided on an avian color palette for my critters, to balance out the overall mammalian basis for the body shape and ornamentation. This also allows for a little more male-female color difference than you’d get from fur-bearing beasts. Much as I love peacocks, parrots and the like, I did want to keep things within the realm of believability — or at least maintain good trade relations with it — so I settled on the red junglefowl and the American kestrel as my color guidelines. Despite approaching the flashy side with some of the males’ reds, greens and blues, overall they have a fairly modest brown-grey-buff-gold-black palette that wouldn’t look wildly out of place on some of your more flamboyant mammals.

In the kestrel’s case, I particularly like the sketchy black face markings, which I can incorporate into the existing “tiger” motif, and the fact that the female pretty much has the same colors/markings as the male but with some pattern variation and a steely grey wash over the blues and golds. The junglefowl conveniently sports the bird version of a “mane,” so the appearance of the cape and saddle should translate nicely.

Basically at this point I’m just typing out everything I think, one to two seconds after I think it, for the sake of proving to myself that I actually am still working on this despite having a sore throat, dry mouth, cough, headache, stuffy ears, and an increasingly weird-feeling stomach (which last is possibly unrelated to the other ailments). If it helps, I find myself somewhat — though not entirely — convincing in this matter.


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