I’m not overly fond of what follows….

I'm not overly fond of what follows....

Well, about half of my workplace called in sick this week, which was pretty interesting. It was less “interesting” and more “really really awful” for the people who actually wound up sick in this little adventure, but for once I was in the “healthy” camp. The place couldn’t really open at half-staff, but the rest of us came in and made sure things kept running. Our duties included gathering in the entryway and watching with interest as fog, then drizzle, then hail, then snow, then A LOT OF SNOW fell in quick succession on Thursday (all intermingled with peals of thunder that would make the day’s namesake deity proud). Our duties also included hastily scurrying out of the entryway before a wayward would-be patron saw us and thought that we had miraculously changed our minds and decided to re-open in midafternoon during a blizzard.

None of this really has anything at all to do with today’s art update, except as yet another excuse for why I never get anything done. There was also a bit of an incident involving the air conditioning system and ridiculous amounts of plaster dust, but that one is mostly cleaned up by now. Well, off the important things at least. Suffice to say, most of the progress I did make was back on Sunday, before all heck broke loose. Here’s hoping for a bland and uneventful end to the month!


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