Permanent devoshe….

Permanent devoshe....

I really don’t have anything to blame this week, other than procrastination and a somewhat deadly combination of things beginning in S — snowstorms, Stargate, and the book “S.”

The snow makes me want to curl up with a good book or an old TV series, and events have conspired to provide me with both simultaneously. Well, to be fair I can’t be sure until it ends if “S.” is really a good book, but any library book with 3,000 little bits and pieces that haven’t been lost yet in the course of four months has got to be something pretty special. Also, I’m a sucker for pseudo-annotations, epistolary novels, and the like. I’ll admit that J.J. Abrams’ name on the case certainly got my attention, but I mainly opened it up because I was wondering if it had anything to do with Dracula. I don’t know, I guess I just go straight to “Stoker” when I see a giant blackletter-style S on an ominous black case with an old-timey looking seal on it (the sticker kind, not the mammal — there’s a monkey on it, though).

Spoiler: As of yet it does not have anything to do with Dracula, and is unlikely to given the general plot. It’s still tough to put away for the day, though. I love low-tech multimedia events.

On the high-tech side, a library patron was cruel enough to donate about a billion (are you enjoying my wanton use of hyperbole in place of semi-accurate numerical estimations today?) sci-fi/fantasy DVD sets, including several I needed to complete a couple collections. I finally managed to restrain myself to purchasing just one, and leave the others for the library to add to its own collections. That one DVD set was S2 of Stargate SG-1, and when my I’m eating/it’s dark/my hair is wet or one of the myriad other reasons I tell myself I can’t draw just now (incidentally, these are also the only times I can’t be distracted by a book) I break out the quaintly-designed DVD set for 42 minutes or so. Oh, Stargate — why would you make a single menu item bright yellow when it’s not even selected? And in my collection, only Firefly and first-season Buffy rival your use of excessive navigation menus when it comes to selecting an episode. But it’s so hard to stay angry long….

Anyway, I spent exactly one day adding on to last week’s artwork. Now I have to start working backwards, relative to how I colored in the male, and it shouldn’t be very disorienting but it is. I think I’ve already made the female’s ears too large. But variety, spice of life, &c. &c. I’m sure he thinks her giant ears are charming, or at least knows well enough to tell her so.


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