Well, this is awkward…

Well, this is awkward...

This is what comes, I suppose, of storing your pictures on a camera and then not charging the camera battery and then not checking on status of said camera battery until the middle of the night. You might, for example, spend a good chunk of time hurriedly making sure you’ve actually made at least some noticeable progress on your drawing before blog-posting time, only to discover that it will be 40 minutes or so before your camera is up to the task, and your charger also happens to be with someone who is probably asleep right now.


Here’s a really quick MyPaint scribble of something superficially resembling one of my critters, looking vaguely sheepish (and not just because of the horns) in an attempt to pacify my ~1.5 viewers (viewer? If it’s less than 2 is it technically still singular? Is there any reason to spend more than 10 seconds trying to figure this out?).

I did finish S., by the way, and am in the process of seeing if there is any earthly way the library can make it clear-but-not-overwhelming that there are 22 bits and pieces that have been painstakingly made to look like junk but are actually important to the plot and ideally would stay not only in the book but also in the exact page ranges where they were found because that’s kind of important too. But like, no pressure patrons and circ workers. I’m sure it’s fine … really … that tiny little notecard with a monkey on it totally wouldn’t blow away if you sneezed on it, and the decoder wheel totally doesn’t fall out literally every time you open the book and no matter where you put it.

It is a pretty cool book though. I just can’t decide whether putting it on my staff picks would be a good idea, an invitation to disaster, or both….


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