Down with this sort of thing….

Down with this sort of thing....

Well, this is what I have to show for my laziness. A slightly more tree-y Kindergarten Tree than I had three weeks ago. Yay…? I did realize that I’m rather sentimental about my individual colored pencils. I didn’t always draw in the best lighting back in the day, and colors like Peach and Canary Yellow or Poppy Red and Neon Pink could be tough to tell apart at a glance. Until, that is, I’d used them for a couple months. After a little while, the most popular pencils developed their own distinct characters through a variety of accidents, blemishes and general use. Poppy Red is quite short — I like red — but nothing like Dark Green, which is little more than a stub with a strip of beige on the other end where I started sharpening it the wrong direction. Goldenrod is the Pushmi-Pullyu of the bunch, fully sharpened on both ends for some reason, and Bleu Paon got sharpened backwards so it’s a good thing “peacock blue” isn’t too tough to figure out.

I have three stages of Black; unused, well-loved, and ignored because the lead kept cracking. The current Copper is a replacement for a pencil whose lead simply slipped out from the center, and this one is still a bit loose since the lead is so tough and the wood so tender. True Blue is nearly the opposite, chalky-soft lead in a tough shell (really annoying when you’re trying to fingernail-sharpen it in a pinch). Parma Violet’s pencil is weirdly dark and reddish, to the point that it nearly matches the lead; Canary Yellow is all covered in black and red bits because it’s so pale that its neighbors inevitably rub off.

It’s a grown-up (ish) version of The Day the Crayons Quit, basically, and I probably should just replace pencils as they wear out so some of the shadier characters can retire. But the reason they live long enough to develop personalities in the first place is that, honestly, Prismas are *expensive* little monsters. I got them for birthdays and as childhood bribes, not for replacing older ones on a whim. Otherwise I’d have run them into the ground long ago.

Well. Hopefully that distracted you from how little I’ve drawn this week. Here’s hoping it’s done before the next one!


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