A tree grows….

A tree grows....

…and it’s a very slow-growing tree. But as I’ve mentioned in some detail, I’m never really sure where to start or stop with trees. They don’t just “end” unambiguously like an animal does, and that causes me no end of trouble.

Anyhow, the tree grows on, but I think it’s pretty much finished now. I’ll cap it off one way or another and then call it a day/month/half a year/however long this ends up taking. On the plus side: Someone who accidentally saw this (well, accidentally on my part — I try not to show my unfinished drawings to avoid the “oh, it’s such a nice … rocketship?” syndrome that, contrary to popular belief, persists well after your age hits double digits) took a look and said, “I don’t know what they are but it’s a boy and a girl of something!” Which doesn’t sound like grand praise, exactly, but it is basically what I was going for here. Not a specific animal or even order of animals, but a sort of archetypal male and female creature pair. Sure, the horns alone probably could have made that obvious enough — but smaller horns could signify a juvenile, as well. Mrs. Beastie is a bit drab but solidly-built and has what I like to think of as a confident pose. As archetypes go, she’s more Mother than Maiden; I’ll admit that I thought of Sarabi from The Lion King when working on her pose and build. She’s one of my favorite Disney royals, Sarabi is — sure, she’s a cartoon lion, but you have to have respect for that stroll down the hyena gauntlet. Now there’s a queen you don’t mess with.

I seem to have strayed off-topic via an animated movie again. At least I managed to wait until after the title line this time. Anyhow, this is what I’ve got so far. Wish me luck on ever deciding it’s finished!


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