He’s got a whole new game….

He's a shape-shifter....

A brief interlude again from The Drawing; I simply don’t do well with monotony, I’m afraid.

This little guy isn’t anything particularly special, just yet another griffin of sorts. Since I gave him a raven’s face, more or less, I decided to make his facial patterning a sort of homage to the Haida artwork in which Raven and other Pacific Northwestern creatures figure so prominently. Raven’s a trickster, a shape-shifter, and always looking for something new — so really, it’d be no surprise if a Raven-critter like this turned up one day or another. I wouldn’t trust him to be after what he says he is, though, and I certainly would think twice about any riddles he asked. That sphinx was an amateur compared to Raven when it comes to such things.

Trickster that he is, it was little trouble for me to work Raven into the assignments for nearly every college course I took one year — his playful aspects for Children’s Literature, his human side for Cultural Anthropology, a deep dig into his personal life for Library Instruction, and so on. Each time, I learned something entirely new about the bright-eyed little prankster, and it’s really no wonder he holds such a prominent place in our stories and fables.

I must say, though, that while I love the rhythm of The Raven as much as anyone, and like many others have made it one of the few pieces of poetry I’ve bothered to memorize, I can’t say “ungainly” and “gaunt” seem like particularly accurate descriptors of any corvid who isn’t stuffed. Perhaps he should have stuck with the parrot.

Side note: I seemed to have picked an unexpectedly obscure song for my title quote today. Thanks, Pandora — if you’d warn me about these things ahead of time I’d memorize the artist names so I could actually find them again.

I kid. Pandora, you are adorable in a bumbling, puppy-like way. One of these days you’ll actually figure out that I don’t want to add “Take On Me” to ANY of my stations. Not the 00’s pop station, not the creepy Halloween music station, and for the fourth time ESPECIALLY NOT the Christmas station.  But again, good effort. Good effort.


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