Every little bit counts….

Every little bit counts....

… though I admit this is quite a little bit. Today’s drawing/sketching/doodling session, a fraction of which is pictured here, was devoted to working on my moth-making skills. I have good photos of White-lined Sphinx, Polyphemus, and … I dunno, one of those little grey fellows that have an unfortunate habit of dying in light fixtures. So, those were my focus.

The Sphinx is by far the most graceful, with the bold colors and hummingbird-like dexterity of its wings. The grey fellow is a good Prototype Moth, with all the standard features one comes to expect in a midsize lepidopteran. Mighty Polyphemus is the most impressive of the bunch, but at the same time the most pathetic — no little moth-tongue to lap at the flowers with, and (by the time I found him on the front porch) only 1.5 gorgeous feathery antennae (two eyes though). Grounded as he was, I have a feeling he was not long for this world.

I’m now looking at how to combine the most useful elements of the three into something that has the look I want. There needs to be a dainty little curl of a proboscis like the Sphinx has — sorry, Polyphemus — but that enigmatic lady lacks the extravagant feathery headgear of her Cyclopean cousin. Smallest Moth isn’t encumbered by crazy specialty wings, so it should make for a good study of the thorax and the legs (which you can technically see on Polyphemus as well, but they are GIANT ADORABLE TEDDY BEAR LEGS that might be a bit hard to work with).

The wings are where it’s going to get interesting, and I think all three of my buddies are going to have to work together on that one. It’s definitely going to be one of the more “artistic license”-y parts. But by golly, I WILL finish this drawing this time, beyond the “weird sketch” or “why-did-I-save-this-PSD-file” stage! CAPS LOCK is easier than switching to italics for emphasis! So are exclamation points! Enjoy your Memorial Day!


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