Gone fishin’….


Missed a day! This time I plead “too waterlogged to draw,” what with the record-breaking downpour that lasted a good part of the afternoon. It happened to coincide with the “free” weekend when you can fish without a license, so long story short I spent a long time in a poncho. I rarely catch anything (except the occasional accidental non-fish animal, like crawfish and frogs), so it’s not like it’s worth buying a license just to fish. It took a while to get the old fishing pole casting again, instead of catching halfway through and flinging my line into a cottonwood tree, but I finally managed to get out of range of the way-too-small bass that were literally going after hook, line and sinker.

The nibblers wouldn’t stop thieving, but thieve they must since I was doing everything in my power not to actually hook them when I reeled in from deeper water. Fortunately, a keeper of small insectivorous animals (i.e. The Gecko) always has a few extra mealworms on hand to use as little-fish bait. The bluegills stole their share as well, but one wasn’t so lucky. It was fried and served with the amaranth greens I got from the farmer’s market. A painted turtle paid a couple visits, but was not allowed to put himself on the menu.

The more interesting “catch” of the day, though, was a swarm of damselflies. They were darting around the flooded weeds, and once in a while would take note of my orange-and-yellow bobber drifting in. One would dip down to take a look, alight on the orange half, bob around for a while, and then flit away so another could do the same a minute later. Apparently it looked tasty, or maybe they just like orange. Whatever the reason, I wished I’d brought my camera to snap a picture of the peaceful scene — a dainty damsel perched on a lazy bobber, matched by their sun-bright reflections in the still lake.

Failing that, I took a good look, hoping my memory would serve me and my hand would be steady. Today’s colored-pencil drawing is the result. As far as art quality goes it’s not a perfect reproduction of the scene, but I believe it will do just fine as a memento.


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