The call of a nightbird….

The call of a nightbird....

Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve gone off on another avian tangent after that last post. That said, it’s not my fault that hoatzins are awesome and need to be brought up at every opportunity. Nor is it entirely on me that someone suggested that a hoatzin Pokemon would be even cooler.

It is my fault that I agreed heartily and immediately went to work sketching possible basic and Stage 1 forms, followed by a further diversion that resulted in a hoatzin-dragon (or wyvern, rather) of some sort. I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that the recent movie Smaug is a wyvern now. Old news, sure, and it’s been established that I like the four-limbed (2 legs, 2 wings) design in general, but … hmmn. That’s. Well. Different. I’ve already whined (if not here, then just all over the place in general) about splitting such a short story into this many parts, and HELLO SPOILERS having Smaug just fly off at the end and leave the desolating-stuff part to the movie that’s not named after that, but. Yeah. I won’t go into that again.

Anyhow, hoatzins are basically the best birds. They have big red dinosaur-eyes and the babies are basically wyverns themselves what with the thumb-claws, plus they have wicked crazy mohawk crests, plus they’re kind of like bird-koalas because they mostly climb around and eat poisonous leaves (which makes them nasty-smelling and rumored to be toxic in their own right). So, if that’s the only thing you come away from this blog with tonight, then I’m okay with that.


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