Romping with the bumble beezes….


I don’t even know where my regular-sized sketch pads and blank paper are, this blurry little guy will have to do for now. I found a Blue-eyed Darner lying on the sidewalk on my way home the other day, upside-down but with legs wiggling weakly. I didn’t see much hope for it, but I brought it home anyhow so I could watch it for a while and its final moments wouldn’t involve being smashed under someone’s bicycle wheel.

I actually took a photo of him on this same paper, but it didn’t turn out fabulously — it was a gloomy day and I didn’t want to pester him much. So I decided to draw this today, though it’s going off memory and thus woefully inaccurate (I started out with one wing size and switched to another halfway through, and I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve given up on drawing insects’ legs properly; even knowing how they bend and where they’re attached I can’t seem to make them stick out in the right directions). It started to rain so I left him on a maple sapling, high up but under cover. When I looked out a bit later he was gone, and I choose not to speculate as to what happened to him.

I can’t recall whether I mentioned the yellowjacket nest on the patio yet. It certainly makes getting in and out of the building from the back exciting, especially when you’re holding a piece of fruit or can of soda. I’ve never had one (of these) approach me aggressively or mob my food yet, but some childhood traumas involving abandoned pear and apple trees have left me about as wary as I am with small “friendly” dogs.

On a somewhat more upbeat and less invertebrate note, it’s been good weather for outdoor entertainment, between rain showers at least. I went to Guardians of the Galaxy (oh, don’t get me started on Gamora) yesterday at the drive-in, and today an outdoor production of Much Ado about Nothing today at … the playground. What can I say, it’s one of those towns where you can watch Shakespeare on a jungle gym for free. Much Ado is pretty well suited to this, I’d say, since Joss Whedon managed to film the whole thing at his (admittedly good-sized) house. No forests or oceans or weird donkey heads required here.There *was* a saxophone player, though.

After intermission a tiny little girl came over to try to use the equipment, observed the Watch’s lively discussion for a moment, then wandered over to the line of lawn chairs and sat down to enjoy this perplexing playground production. A little boy actually managed to use the slide right before the play started. Naturally, most of the performers ended up using the slide as well, since there are a lot of “balcony” scenes and it’s hard to climb down a ladder in a party dress. …It really has been an interesting weekend so far.


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