And all heads turned….


I still don’t know where my moth-lady is, for what it’s worth. I also don’t know where 80% of my music CDs are (which is significant since I only tend to rip a few of my favorites, and use the CD itself when I want to listen to the whole album) — I held back Ceremonials, Lost & Gone Forever, and Life in Cartoon Motion so they never went in storage, but everything else is … hopefully not lost and gone forever? But it’s definitely somewhere inconvenient right now, along with the backup disc of my olllld photo files, one of the smaller wastebaskets, the white casserole dish, and Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m beginning to feel slightly cross with my storage unit, as it’s yielded no shortage of broken watches, old stuffed animals, and used code packets for online textbook supplements in the meantime.

I’m also a bit cross with my patio for being so hospitable to yellowjackets, and with yellowjackets for making me very nervous to walk out onto the patio while eating a peach. I’ve had some rather unpleasant past experiences with yellowjackets and peaches, as well. I know the proverbial winter is coming, so I might as well let them be; but I’m still moving in, and having to swing large pieces of furniture in awkward arcs to avoid smashing into the outer fence post/wasp factory and bringing striped yellow wrath down upon my house is getting a bit tiresome.

I will admit that they’re pretty photogenic. The bold warpaint looks nice against the pale wood, and there’s nearly always at least one little face poking out from the knothole, keeping watch. What’s a bit unsettling is that they do actually keep watch, and if my camera lens gets to close they’ll turn their little heads sharply to look at it. That’s when one calls it a day, photography-wise. Doesn’t mean I can’t draw, though, and of course when I draw it always turns to dragons in the end.

This one’s not a wyvern, for once, because it’s based on a wasp — six legs to begin with, and wings to boot. I’m erasing the pencil as I go, more studiously than usual, because that yellow is a royal pain when it comes to picking up any smudge of leftover color underneath. Speaking of royal, the yellowjacket that inspired this drawing looked to me like it might be the queen. That, or she was just a plus-sized lady, but she definitely stood out next to the others, and it looked like she was holding a big wad of wasp-paper like it was super important (which I guess it is when your home is made of paper inside, but … details).

I don’t know what I’ll make the dragon queen’s object into, though it probably won’t be a gob of mush like the yellowjacket’s. Realism has its limits, and we’ve already gone and made a dragon here. Dragons do like their treasure though, so I’ll think of something…



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