Throwback Thu– Sa– oh, who cares


Not saying or doing much tonight — tomorrow’s the Big Day, library opening after two years moving/renovating/camping out in a cramped former Hastings building in a strip mall. I know that “Oh, what will I WEAR?” is not the kind of dilemma one pictures with relation to hanging out in the youth department wrangling over-excited six-year-olds who work up enough speed to slingshot out of their parents’ orbit (and let’s not mention the possibility/likelihood of vomit on our new carpets), but … well, it’s still kind of like a party. And it’s early autumn in the Midwest of course, so I have to dress for the potential 70-ish degrees during the day, just under 50 degrees as it gets late/overcast, 70-ish degrees again while indoors (but running around this time), possible rain, AND a kind-of party.

I’ll just add my black socks with the lightning bolts on the sides to a regular outfit and call it a day.

As for this picture, this is an older (circa 2010 I think, actually not long before I started working at the library) drawing from one of my periodic “DRAGONS! BUGS! DRAGONBUGS!” spells. I have a spidery-looking one too that I may have to drag out if I continue to not get anything else done. I have four in all, I think (five if you count the loon, but let’s not), and I just rediscovered the digital copies of three of them — in a folder-within-a-folder from when I was even more poorly organized — which was a nice surprise. I’m making fancy digital backgrounds for them so my Drawn @ Random Zazzle store can get a little color; it’s been largely black and white up till now. Of course, the base price for prints (even if I were to leave off my royalty entirely) is insane so I don’t anticipate actually selling any of those. They brighten the place up though.

What I remember most vividly about this drawing is that I messed up the black somewhere and — well, it’s black, there’s not much coming back from a mistake in black pencil when your only other main color is *yellow.* Oh, yellow, I love you and all but you’re just terrible about getting smeared with other colors and then smudging them around later. Well, that time someone sharpened a black eyeliner pencil in my electric sharpener and didn’t clean it up afterward wasn’t really your fault, but you’ve had your moments nonetheless. Let me tell you, remembering about those little blue fuzzy bits on the hindwings really improved my mood, because I was getting royally sick of black and yellow.

And someone just uttered the phrase “anime Rapture movie” to me, and even in context I have no idea what is going on with that. I guess that’s as good a note as any to end on.


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