You’ll find a god in every golden cloister….


Okay yeah, this was a last-minute one. See, I got distracted by the internet again.

It started out normally enough: I was about a decade overdue to look up the song “One Night in Bangkok,” whose tune I knew but whose words were basically “One night in Bangkok makes la la man la laaa; lalalalalalaaaa” in my memory-banks. Now, I’ve had the internet for a while, and — while lyrics sites have mysteriously not really improved since I was 13 — it’s become pretty much second nature to do a quick web search when I realize I don’t know the words to a song I enjoy or find interesting or just heard once in a Walmart. Somehow, One Night in Bangkok has managed to escape this treatment until now. And now, well … MIND BLOWN.

Not because of the lyrics themselves (which are admittedly funnier than I’d expected), but the string of revelations that followed finding the lyrics. It’s a song about chess! There was a musical about chess! It was called Chess! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS MUSICAL, even though everyone has heard “Bangkok”! That song was written by ABBA (more or less)! Murray Head is Anthony Head’s big brother! “One Night in Bangkok” counts as rap! I SHOULD KNOW ALL OR AT LEAST SOME OF THESE THINGS!

Anyhow, this led me off on two time-consuming tangents: digging up cast versions of the song because they existed, while wanting to rewatch season 3 of Buffy because Band Candy (among others, but there was a rather amusingly lip-synched live version of Bangkok where Murray’s strutting and hair-mussing — maybe, like the accent, he figures it’s What Americans Do? — reminds me of Ripper’s … well, strutting and hair-mussing, in that episode). Eventually I decided to put the song to rest by drawing it. That’s how we scribbly people deal with these things.

But I’m a scribbly person who draws animals (and has never seen Thailand) so naturally I wound up with … cats. Regionally-appropriate-ish cats, to be sure (an American Shorthair, natch, along with some shadowy Oriental Shorthairs/Longhairs, a poorly-drawn last-minute Korat, a Siamese or two, a Burmese and a Bombay), but yeah. Still cats. The American is wearing a ridiculously oversized chess piece on his collar, but hey, rappers are supposed to have crazy jewelry. Some random blobby pieces of architecture and a tiger version of a scary statue are in the background, and … really that’s about it. Cats seemed appropriate (that is, marginally less inappropriate than the myriad other arbitrary animal species I could have used) due to their general behavior and that punny line about queens (female cats are still called queens, right?).

So … my apologies to Thailand and music, I guess?


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