It’s really quite pleasant, except for the smell….


Well, uh … I don’t know. This is a goat? Not quite as lopsided as he looks (the paper was at an angle) but a little now that I look at it. Anyway. The first time I heard “Mama” by My Chemical Romance, I got about two words in and thought, “wait, why is he *bleating* in this one? Is he intentionally sounding like a goat here? Maybe it’s somehow relevant to the … nope, it’s about war.”

To be fair, it gets less bleaty after that initial “maa-maa,” but now I cannot for the life of me listen to it without picturing a kid goat singing the verses. Not in a bad way, just in a … y’know … kind of goaty way. He looks a bit panicky here, naturally, given the circumstances … honestly he should have been wearing a helmet, but I can’t draw people-clothes to save my own life, let alone a graphite goat’s. His ears have seen better days, to be sure; I can’t seem to bear drawing big delicate ears like that without tattering them a bit. With the exception of pampered housepets, they do tend to be a bit ragged in my experience. Plus, you can fashion them rather nicely out of mistakes you made in the borders…

Interesting note, Black Parade and the Fables comic book covers introduced me to the artwork of James Jean (though I didn’t get around to looking up the actual artist’s name till recently). There’s this sort of perverse thrill in looking at artwork that’s similar to your ideal style but just miles and miles better; it’s like those scenic overlooks where the view is amazing but you know if you lean over a few more inches you’ll plunge over a cliff to your gruesome death. Well, not exactly like that I guess, but what do I know about scenery.


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