People say it if they oversleep….


PuzzlePieceIt’s a wonder I learn anything at all, really.

To be fair, much of this doodling was during breaks, or bits of lecture that weren’t relevant to me; it’s a heavy-duty amount of doodling though, considering this is less than half of it. They offered snacks; I drew on the plate. They offered pamphlets; I drew in the margins. They offered this weird little puzzle-piece to indicate we, the Valued Employees, were all integral parts of a larger whole (being mass-printed, the puzzle pieces were all the same shape and did not actually fit together in practice). I flipped it over and now I have a water buffalo. They offered an FMLA PowerPoint that took some time to cooperate with the projector; in the meantime, rather than dwelling overmuch on the first few letters of that initialism, I drew some savannah wildlife, the state bird and some morning glories.

Their key error, of course, was offering freshly-sharpened pencils in the first place. Nobody took notes, or at least not eight-pencils-per-six-person-table quantities of notes. We were actually walking around in a huge group and physically unable to take notes during most of the times one might have needed a memory aid; for the time we were sitting down, all the information offered was easily accessible from a home or work computer. EVEN THE PAMPHLETS. Now, I respect that some people don’t have home access to a computer, but for those of us who do it’d be nice to have a designated “that’s okay, I really don’t need to carry these 40 pieces of paper around for the next four hours” pile. For several people, of course, said pile was created in the nearest wastebasket. Since a fair amount of it was one-side-blank non-glossy paper, I decided to hang onto it for the day at least.

So basically what I’m saying is, I’m a ravening insatiable drawing-beast and will sink my claws into anything, ANYTHING I can to fuel my shameful habit.

The goofy cheetah actually turned out pretty well though, all things considered.


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