Tale as old as time….


Sometimes I just draw. Usually this happens right around the time I’m NOT supposed to just be drawing — when I’m working on a new design or haven’t updated my web stores in a while, for example. That’s right about when I get a sudden hankering to draw a full-page mind-vacation cobbled from whatever elements are simplest or are currently stored in my mental clipboard.

They often turn out fairly well for doodles, since I intentionally avoid anything difficult while drawing them. If lion’s paws are simpler than an antelope’s hooves, then you can guess which one I’m going to end up with, whether the thing has horns or not. If it winds up looking like a cross between Disney’s Beast and those tiger-sheep folk I drew earlier, then so be it. After all, Beast was pretty cool-looking (before he turned into a delicate blond teen, of course).

The fox is just an innocent bystander.

At least I only have one more week of City training. All this free between-lectures time and blank paper is encouraging my bad habit of making elaborate doodles instead of the full-fledged designs that I unfortunately have to finish ONCE in a while, at least. Although the intelligent Librarian Conversation around our table during breaks (including viewing of the trailer for Tusk, discussion of the potential merits of a film called Big Ass Spider!, lamentations regarding the current Frozen-ation of Once Upon a Time, and a general pondering of Scenes Where Someone Trustingly Drinks Super-Suspicious Tea And Inevitably Passes Out In The Most Noisily Abrupt Manner Possible) will certainly be missed.


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