The party never ends, the game begins again…


Well, it’s been a year since I drew my way through November with “NaNoRefMo” (making catchy abbreviations isn’t really my forte, okay?). This year I’m actually going to try to write words, which should be interesting. I’ve finished NaNos before, of course, but I didn’t actually have an idea for this year’s until like … ten hours ago.

I decided to just revisit an idea I had a while ago, and hope beyond hope that somehow it turns into 50k words’ worth of story instead of the “long picture book/graphic novel” level of material I envisioned back then. I love the idea of animal mythology (that is, animals’ mythology — think Watership Down’s trickster-god El-ahrairah), and wanted to write a story along those lines. In this case, I wanted a lion’s creation myth, and how that might be different from (and similar to) the various histories given by humans.

It’d take a lot of detail to make THAT into a whole book, so as a backup plan I thought maybe I could try for multiple animals’ takes on the same theme. How would the social, carnivorous lions’ interpretation compare to the solitary leopard’s, or the herbivorous antelope’s? What about creatures in the jungle or desert versus those on the savannah? Would they have some sort of genetic or clan memory of extinct and prehistoric creatures? How would that be addressed? The baboons would have an interesting bank of folklore built up over their generations, but would it be horribly sexist? That said, would it only be passed down by the females, who stick together in their home groups? Would the breadwinner lionesses have cautionary (or possibly humorous) mane-related hunting-blooper tales explaining why A Male’s Place is in the Home?

Anyhow, I don’t know how much of this will actually make it into written words and how much will just be channeled into energetic margin-doodling, but at least I’ve got a plan! Sort of! Wish me luck, and good hunting writing all!


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