These little things define us….

ScribsThis is sort of a token drawing at this point. I’ve been writing instead of drawing in my spare time for once, so this is a drawing from last month when I was supposed to be writing. It’s some things and a wren.

The writing itself is going … interestingly, I suppose. I’m doing fine wordcount-wise, as I’ve hit the 15k mark and am still going, but it’s already getting increasingly boring and ridiculous. I never actually do anything with my NaNo novels though (I have two others at this point, one of which I didn’t even really finish once I hit 50k), it’s more of a somewhat-healthy outlet for my competitive streak. It certainly works better than racing random pedestrians across large parking lots or trying to be the last to finish my Halloween candy (as you may have guessed, I have a much better chance of winning at the former).

I’ve finished the lions’ mythology and am moving on to the leopards — what I’ve learned so far is that I will never get used to how big hyenas are, and (from how the story is developing, at least) cats are just incredibly racist. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that last one, really. I love cats and all, but if you’d expect any species to have an abnormally high percentage of jerks, most felines are right up there. Either they can’t help it, or they can but they know we’ll adore them no matter what. Cats are all about minimal effort.

Basically, I’m at the point right now where the lions have said the other big African cats are a bunch of inbred weirdos, and the leopards have countered that they’re just a bunch of sons-of-baboons. I’m curious to see what will happen with the cheetahs, since I don’t see them being quite so … well, catty. Time will tell!


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