Wrong lever!


Not a drawing, again — well, not a “real” one at least — and not even the drawing I’m referring to with this drawing.

Wait, what?

Well, okay, basically I’m drawing pictures for everyone at work again, but they’re kind of pictures OF everyone at work. And I don’t exactly want to post pictures (however generic) of my actual co-workers on the internet. So I made a special bonus For Display Only version for the one staffperson who isn’t getting a present from me — me!

They won’t be precisely in this format — that’s going to be a surprise, after all. But this is the basic idea, and finishing this one is a good start to finishing the other 64 or so. I know, I know, I may not have thought this through very well. But I’m doing all the pictures digitally, which will cut down nicely on materials as well as on fretting if I make some small drawing mistake. Yay layers! Yay realistic paintbrushes combined with wildly unrealistic (i.e., functional) eraser function! I love my prismas dearly, but let’s face it: they were made for somewhat loftier goals than this.

In other news, I am organizing the one box of unorganized stuff I took with me to my new bedroom. Everything else is just square things with stuff on them, but this — this is a black hole of disorganization, which I’m slowly attempting to correct with small cardboard boxes and various plastic holders. That’s actually what I’m doing right now, in between adding lines to this blog entry and watching Martin Freeman correct his pronunciation of “lever” on SNL. Which is adorable, by the way. How often do you really get to hear someone correct their accent on the fly, anyhow?

So anyhow, that’s my excuse for a rather content-free post today. Think of it as a refreshing break for the holidays — enjoy!


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