I am wiser now, you know….

NotesI was recently in a meeting that required a bit less of my focus than usual (it was mostly about departments I’m not in, for once), which gave me time to write particularly detailed notes about the parts that *were* relevant. Of course, I use the term “write” loosely here. There are about 24 words total, mostly names and abbreviations and abbreviated names. The rest is better represented by this little rectangle of madness here.

The bee and the playing bear cubs were for teamwork, the hairdryer-looking BEEP machine was my best guess at how a device we’re supposed to be getting soon will look, the key was a reminder about a key I had, the other image in an Exciting Splash! outline was a new procedure I wanted to remember, the question about themes in random Spanish was because I got bored with English (yes, it bugs me slightly now that the question mark is going the wrong way), I honestly don’t remember what the PDF thing was about, and the fox was during a lull when I didn’t have anything to jot down. The paramecium-looking thing creeping up to the left of the key is actually part of an eye for a Pacific-Northwest-style image I was copying off someone’s coffee cup; the rest is out of frame. It wound up looking more like the front of one of our city buses (and a paramecium), but then again I was actually paying attention to the meeting.

So what I’m saying is, I still don’t know how to take notes, but I guess these mostly work at least? At least I wasn’t taking minutes. That fell to our resident Organized Person (let me just add that there are some situations and social circles where *I* am the resident Organized Person, and that’s just wildly discombobulating for me).

In other news, I just spent an agonizing amount of time ordering a fleece blanket. IT’S HARD, OKAY. You have to look at sizes and materials and reviews and patterns and colors and then you have to flail your arms around a bit and give up on all that because there’s one with Serenity on it and if you buy it along with a bookbag (and haven’t you kept saying you need a bookbag?!) you get 20% off your order. I didn’t even spend twenty minutes agonizing over the optimum products-in-cart combination to maximize the value of the site discounts! Of course, in my attempt to be impulsive I wound up inadvertently skipping over something that would have saved me an actual significant amount of money, so I had to negate the impulsiveness by spending about half an hour going back and fixing that. This is what you get for messing with the formula.

That said, I had bigger hurdles than that to jump before I could hit “checkout.” I find it really difficult to buy things with art stamped/drawn on them when I, in fact, make things with art stamped/drawn on them myself. Why can’t I just make myself something for free-or-at-least-less? It might not look quite as good and it might take more work, but if I really want to pay less it’s better than just using (insert available cheap/free piece of garbage), isn’t it? Would I rather have [cheap garbage] if it’s so much trouble? Hm? AM I A LAZY BUM WHO DECORATES WITH GARBAGE? WELL?

I lost that argument when it came to wall decorations, which is why I have the three cutout families of fantasy beasts. Other times I just say, YES, I AM A LAZY BUM, GET OVER IT which is why I still just leave my phone in the bedroom instead of either fixing or replacing the wall clock that broke several months ago. But I have Christmas money right now, and I might as well splurge on something wildly impractical like a winter blanket and a replacement bookbag.

What can I say, I like to live on the edge.


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